Our Endless Numbered Days is Officially published in the USA today


Today, 17th March 2015, Our Endless Numbered Days is officially published in the USA by Tin House.

Masie, Nanci, Meg and the rest of the team have been working so hard to get my novel noticed, and they’ve done a fantastic job so far:

“…the book is almost impossible to put down. Fuller weaves a hypnotic intensity of detail into her narrative that gives every lie the feel of truth…” The Chicago Tribune

“Fuller’s compelling coming-of-age story, narrated from the perspective of Peggy’s return to civilization, is delivered in translucent prose.” KIRKUS reviews

“The novel’s shocking, satisfying ending points to the persistence of the domestic plot in fairy tales, even as it’s flipped.” Cleaver Magazine

And, it’s been chosen as Powell’s Indiespensible book for March, which means it has had a limited edition cover made.

Our Endless Numbered Days is available from most independent bookstores, from Barnes & Noble, and Amazon.

One last thing – if you do buy it and read it, thank you! And if you like it make sure you come back and tell me, tell your friends, write a review, or just generally shout it from the rooftops. Apparently nothing sells books like word-of-mouth.



29 thoughts on “Our Endless Numbered Days is Officially published in the USA today

  1. Claire,
    I am half way through. I bought a few days ago and cut the queue of all the books I’ve stacked to read and even a couple I was reading. It’s compelling and beautiful. I’ve been reading it in small doses before bed – only a few chapters because I want this pleasure to last.
    I’ve got your back at the B&N in Connecticut where I work — will keep my eye on it and tell everyone what a great book it is — and make sure that when we run out, we get more.
    It’s a lovely book – congratulations!


    • Thank you so much for buying and reading! Do let me know what you think about it when you finish. And thank you for looking after it in B&N in Connecticut – so lovely to know my book is out in the world…


  2. Claire, that’s great! I’m so happy for you. That’s the dream of all writers so it inspires me to work extra hard on my WIP. I’m two thirds of the way through your book and really loving it. You are a phenomenal writer. I’ll be sure to spread the word and post a review on Amazon. 🙂


  3. Hi Claire – I am commenting on this nearly 2 month old post to let you know that I just finished Our Endless Numbered Days last night. I cannot remember what book blog recommended the book, but I immediately looked it up. Upon reading the synopsis, the strange premise hooked me and I immediately put the book on hold at my library (in fact, I think I may have been the first person lucky enough to check it out!). And… woah! The story is gripping, unsettling, and unnerving. Your characters were so well crafted and left me with clear images in my mind of what they looked like, and your writing is haunting and beautiful. I finished the book last night just before bed, had an insane night of dreams (no doubt influenced by the twist ending of the book!), and am still thinking about the book at 4:00 p.m. the next day! Thank you for your words and for one of the more memorable books I have read thus far this year! Very excited to have come across your work and to see you have a blog as well! Cannot wait to read your future books.


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