The Girl in the Downstairs Flat


Keith drilled the hole in the ceiling when the pretty girl in the downstairs flat was out. Or at least he hadn’t heard her for hours, maybe days come to think of it. He was sure she wouldn’t notice the small mound of sawdust in her bathroom because even though she had kept the door-chain on when he had introduced himself, over her shoulder he had seen how messy her flat was.

Keith pressed his eye to the hole. The girl lay in her bath, smiling, looking up at him. He drew back, shocked, excited. When he looked again she hadn’t moved.


This is a Friday Fictioneers story. 100 (or so) writers writing 100-words (or so) inspired by the picture above (supplied this week by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.


Our Endless Numbered Days has been nominated for the Edinburgh First Book Award. This is a prize decided by public vote, so if you’d like to vote for my novel, click here – I’d really appreciate it. (Scroll to the bottom of the page, and I’m on the penultimate line.)

59 thoughts on “The Girl in the Downstairs Flat

  1. So he let himself in and drilled a hole in her ceiling. Keith sounds charming, how long before the..umm..fragrance starts wafting info his apartment? That will kill all thoughts of romance.


  2. Dirty boy! (As Harry Hill would say 🙂 ) I’m wondering how she died, with a smile on her face. And I’m wondering how he’s going to report this to the police…


  3. If I were him, I’d be moving, now! The police aren’t going to miss the sawdust on the floor. Although, he could break in and clean it up, and then repair the hole, maybe they wouldn’t notice – if it were suicide – if! Ha, a great story here!


  4. Chilling story, Claire, which clearly you do so well!

    Giant Mazel on the nomination. I’m not at all surprised as I suspect your book will continue to climb! I have already imagined the actors, for the movie! 😉 (seriously)


  5. Somehow I saw this coming. Too bad that he didn’t drill a bit earlier, creep that he is. Sad story, great take on the prompt.


  6. Beautifully executed. And congratulation on your debut book award!
    I think my story last week (BE MINE) might be the conclusion to yours here. Funny how some stories connect even when writers are unaware of what others are writing.


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