Revealing the Cover Design for Swimming Lessons

I’ve reached one of the most exciting parts of having a book published – revealing the covers. I’ve known about them for some time, and I’m absolutely delighted with how they look. Here are the UK, US and Canadian covers for my second novel, Swimming Lessons. The original US jacket (on the right) was designed by Diane Chonette, the Art Director at Tin House (my US publisher).

My Canadian publisher (House of Anansi) has decided to use Tin House’s cover as it stands, while Fig Tree / Penguin in the UK has decided to tweak it a little (on the left). I love both of them.

The novel will be published late January / early Feb 2017, and you can read what it’s about here.

And although it’s still many months until publication, you can already pre-order it on Amazon: UK, US and Canada. Or you could wait and buy it from your lovely local independent bookshop.

I’d love to know what you think. Do leave me a comment.



32 thoughts on “Revealing the Cover Design for Swimming Lessons

  1. Love both of them! They really stand out and complement OEND. There are so many similar looking covers around I find that it’s lovely to find something that looks like art

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  2. I love the design; it’s very striking and would catch my eye in a bookshop and make me want to pick it up – think the UK text pushes the design down too far but I can see the author name easier on the UK one. The font’s easier to read on the UK one but I prefer the title font on the US version.


  3. I love this cover, the main image is clever and intriguing, really makes me want to read it (plus of the course the fact I loved OEND so i know how good it will be!)
    FWIW I prefer the font of the US version, the handwritten effect matches the handpainted feel of the artwork.


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  5. I feel both are artistic but I prefer the US/Canadian design, because the font indicates movement and vibrant energy to me, like swimming. Both designs are very engaging. Can’t wait to read your new book, Claire. Congratulations.

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