I have been busy doing events and signing copies of my second novel, Swimming Lessons. There are signed books in New York, and Philadelphia, and many in bookshops in the UK. One of the themes of the novel is the things that people leave behind in books, and so in the books I’ve been signing I’ve also inserted a piece of ephemera – a receipt, an old letter, a photograph. My friend, Bridget said it would be nice to have a place where I can show some of the things that readers find. So, here is that page.Β 

If you’ve found a piece of ephemera in a copy of Swimming Lessons perhaps you would take a picture of it, with the book or without, with you or someone else, and send it to me: claire [@] clairefuller.co.uk and I’ll put it up on this page.

And if you have any old ephemera you’d like to donate, let me know.

5 thoughts on “Ephemera

  1. Such a wonderful idea (I wish some of those copies were in Melbourne!). Much to the horror of some, I write in books… I highlight passages, make little notes and I use odd things as bookmarks (at least the characters in Swimming Lessons would approve).


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  3. I work in a library, spent my childhood in libraries and feel writing in books is a punishable sin. I get so upset when readers fold pages in half as their way to mark stuff. However, after reading Swimming Lessons, I’m getting the urge to sin! 😁


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