Kirkus (starred review), 17th July 2018
“In the vein of Shirley Jackson’s bone-chilling The Haunting of Hill House, Fuller’s disturbing novel will entrap readers in its twisty narrative, leaving them to reckon with what is real and what is unreal. An intoxicating, unsettling masterpiece.”

NPR, 11th October 2018
“By the time Bitter Orange reaches its bitter, bloody end, readers will be turning the pages with delicious trepidation. We are in Turn of the Screw territory here, unsure whether what happens is real or imagined, true or false, light or dark.”

The Paris Review
“Page by page, Fuller enchants us with prose as thick as clotted cream, only for us to realize too late that she’s been ensnaring us at every turn.”

The New York Times
“Fuller, a skilled stylist, is very good at letting you get to know Frances by degrees and at describing a setting in which the ordinary rules of life feel suspended…. You can taste the wine, smell the musty fabrics and the overripe fruit, hear the hum of lazy insects and track the teasing suggestion that something will eventually go terribly wrong.”

The Observer, 29th July 2018
“Fuller is an accomplished and serious writer who has the ability to implant interesting psychological dimensions into plotty, pacy narratives.”

The Sunday Times, 22nd July 2018
“The real interest lies in the fascinating gaps and contradictions, the complexity of the characters and the thematic richness. It is rare for me to put down a novel and then immediately consider rereading it to see what cleverness I might have missed. This time, though, I am tempted.”

Entertainment Weekly, 5th October 2018
“In her new novel, Claire Fuller enhances the mystery with luscious detail: sights of ghosts, smells of overripe fruit, echoes of Cara wailing. The plot’s movements are rendered secondary, at least in the early going, to the atmosphere, and it’s to the novel’s benefit; with sensations so alive on the page, you’re constantly kept on your toes, attuned to the mania. You’ll ask, beguiled: What’s really going on here?”

The Independent, 9th August 2018
“Bitter Orange, Claire Fuller’s heady, claustrophobic third novel, makes for perfect heatwave reading.”

The Times, 11th August 2018
“Fuller keeps one step ahead of the reader’s expectations, and creates an atmosphere of simmering menace with all the assurance of a latter-day Daphne du Maurier.”

Publishers Weekly
“The lush setting and remarkable characters make for an immersive mystery.”

Canadian Living, October 2018
“The story builds to a shocking finale, resulting in a thoroughly enjoyable book with a well-paced plot and plenty of twists and turns.”

The Mail on Sunday
“Sinister and suspenseful, this gothic novel simmers with lust, guilt and envy.

Country Life, August 2018
“With shades of Brideshead and Manderley, Claire Fuller’s atmospheric third novel plays a satisfyingly unpredictable game with reader expectations. Prepare to be meticulously unsettled and horribly enthralled.”

The Spectator
“A naturally engaging and elegantly written novel.”

The Irish Times, 26th July 2018
“Bitter Orange reads like an assured, old-school, du Maurieresque classic. It’s an atmospheric page-turner that speeds us towards a bloody climax of shocks and surprises…”

The Sunday Telegraph, Stella Magazine, 15th July 2018Telegraph Stella Magazine 15 July 2018

The Daily Telegraph, 4th August 2018
“This novel with its gothic tropes, is rich, clever and very readable.”

The Belfast Telegraph, 11th August 2018
“Like her character Cara, the author is a dazzling storyteller, and the otherworldly charm of the setting is alluringly evoked, but in this tale trouble likes not far below the sheen of a golden exterior.”

The Sunday Mirror, 5th August 2018
“Narrated by the unreliable and complex Frances, this multi-layered, lush and twisty story is brilliantly clever.”

The Daily Mail
“This darkly smouldering, desperately sad, superior psychological thriller contains shades of Zoe Heller’s Notes on a Scandal – and that’s a good thing.”

Stylist Magazine
“Fuller is a master at summoning the atmosphere of a heady, hot summer, that thrums with tension, and Bitter Orange is perfectly paced to keep you intrigued from beginning to end.”

Cleaver Magazine
“Our Endless Numbered Days and Swimming Lessons introduced me to Fuller’s eerie, ironically rendered English countryside of dark forests and haunted seaside villages, and to her characters held captive by lies. From novel to novel I’ve admired how she uses intelligent but naïve narrators to withhold information from the reader, sustaining unnerving suspense while signaling dissonance beneath the well-mannered surface. At this point, I’ll eagerly read anything she writes. And Bitter Orange is her best book yet.”

Red Magazine
“This is an exquisite and skilfully written novel, which worms its way under your skin.”

“A slow-burn tale that saves its most heart-wrenching revelation for last.”

Tatler Magazine
“A rich and hypnotic read.”

The Scotsman
“Like her character Cara, the author is a dazzling storyteller.”

The Big Issue
“Although this is new work it is reminiscent of a classic, and Fuller masters the art of ‘show don’t tell’ throughout, giving tiny hints of a secret that hooks the reader from the outset.”