Upcoming events


29th August 2022Edinburgh Book Fest. I’ll be appearing with fellow author Miriam Toews at 4.15pm, and we’ll be interviewed by Lee Randall.

6th September 2022Waterstones, Winchester High Street. I’ll be interviewing, author Barney Norris about his latest novel, Undercurrent. 6pm, tickets are £3 each either from the shop or online. 

3rd October to 8th October 2022Arvon Residential Writing Week at The Hurst, Shropshire. Together with fellow author Jarred McGinnis I’ll be teaching this week long course about writing fiction (and keeping going).

16th October 2022Wells Festival of Literature. Book Group Event on Unsettled Ground. I’ll be speaking about the book for a short time and then taking questions from the audience including spoilers, so best to read the book first. 2.30pm

If you would like to book me for an event please contact Chloe Davies, my UK publicist at Penguin: cdavies1@penguinrandomhouse.co.uk or Becky Kraemer my US publicist at Tin House: becky@tinhouse.com, or get in touch with me directly.

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