Upcoming events

I’m busy arranging dates for events in 2021. Please do get in touch to book me for an event online or otherwise. 

2nd Feb 2021 – I’ll be interviewing / in conversation with Melanie Finn, author of the forthcoming novel, The Hare. Online, hosted by Exile in Booksville, 12 noon Central US time. More details to follow.

8th Feb 2021Winchester Muse, 7pm, on Zoom. I’ll be one of the featured writers at this online event. If you write poetry, sign up for the open mic. DM Winchester Muse on their Facebook page to receive the Zoom link.

10th Feb 2021Bishop’s Stortford College Festival of Literature, online, 7.30pm. I’ll be interviewed about my books and writing, as well as answering audience questions.

25th March 2021UK launch of Unsettled Ground. A Zoom event supported by P&G Wells. Readings, music and a Q&A. Tickets are free (but still need to be booked) or £13.49 to include a signed copy of Unsettled Ground.

8th April 2021 – October Books, 7pm. More information to follow.

21st April 2021 – Steyning Bookshop, online. More information to follow.

5th May 2021Salisbury Writing Circle, 7pm. More information to follow.

10th May 2021Words Away Zalon. More information to follow.

If you would like to book me for an event please get in touch with me directly or via Jane Gentle, my UK publicist at Penguin: jgentle@penguinrandomhouse.co.uk or Becky Kraemer my US publicist at Tin House: becky@tinhouse.com.

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