Online examples

Here are some examples of my writing published online

A Quiet Tidy Man – winner of the Royal Academy and Pin Drop short story prize 2016. Click on the link to listen to actress, Juliet Stevenson, reading it.

Baker, Emily and Me – winner of the BBC Opening Lines competition, this short story was broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in August 2014. It is no longer available to listen, but click on the link to read it.

Book Notes – one of my most favourite things of everything I been asked to write about Our Endless Numbered Days was a playlist for the book for the music and literature website, Largehearted Boy. This is my list which can also be listened to on Spotify from this page.

Big Loves – an article about my love for Barbara Comyns’s novel, Who was Changed and who was Dead, in Memorious Magazine.

Brilliant and Fast – a piece of flash fiction published by Litro, a literary online and print magazine

Falling in love with a widower – an article about falling in love with my husband and the generosity of his first wife. Published in The Telegraph.

The Magic of Scotland – a short story published in the Sunday Express S Magazine.

Music and Writing – an article about the musical references in Our Endless Numbered Days, published on Huffington Post.

Other People’s Bookshelves – a Q&A about my bookshelves on Savidge Reads website.

First Catch Yourself a Squirrel. An article about the nature research I did when I wrote Our Endless Numbered Days, including asking my accountant to catch me a squirrel. Posted on Tin House blog.

Dear Miranda July. A literary love letter to Miranda July to say thank you for her project Learning To Love You More and how that led to me writing. Posted on Novelicious.

Giving Your Characters a Hard Time – an article about how difficult to make life for your fictional characters, posted on Isabel Costello’s Literary Sofa blog. And following it is her mini review of Our Endless Numbered Days.

Triple Choice Tuesday. Kim invited me onto her blog to talk about a favourite book, a book that changed my world and a book that deserves a wider audience.

Annethology. Anne, a book reviewer asked me a few questions about Our Endless Numbered Days.

My Book Deal Moment. What happened when I heard that Fig Tree / Penguin would be publishing my book? I tell Novelicious.

Writing Dual Narratives. Our Endless Numbered Days features a dual narrative, with one character telling the story from two different points in time. This is an article for Writers & Artists about the things writers who use this technique might want to think about.

Page 69 Test. The Campaign for the American Reader asked me what happens on page 69 of Our Endless Numbered Days (the US version).

Writers Read. The Campaign for the American Reader also asked me what I was reading at the moment.

The Covers. I wrote a piece for the Tin House blog about the covers of Our Endless Numbered Days that I’ve seen so far.

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