Bitter Orange: A Week To Go


My third novel, Bitter Orange, will be published in the UK in hardback a week today. The ebook and the audio version are already available to buy. So right now it’s that exciting and nerve-wracking time when people who have had an early copy are starting to talk about it online. So far, the talk, and the reviews have been good.

“In the vein of Shirley Jackson’s bone-chilling The Haunting of Hill House, Fuller’s disturbing novel will entrap readers in its twisty narrative, leaving them to reckon with what is real and what is unreal. An intoxicating, unsettling masterpiece.” Kirkus (starred review)

“The real interest lies in the fascinating gaps and contradictions, the complexity of the characters and the thematic richness. It is rare for me to put down a novel and then immediately consider rereading it to see what cleverness I might have missed. This time, though, I am tempted.” The Sunday Times

“Bitter Orange is undoubtedly a modern classic that defies categorisation but is just wonderful to read. It’s subtle, unnerving, intelligent and a supreme example of the written craft.” Linda’s Book Bag

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If you have read an early copy I’d love to know what you think, or please leave a review on Amazon, Goodreads, or just tell your friends about it.

The hardback is available to pre-order from all bookshops – independents and chains – or online. The ebook and audio book are available to buy now.

Swimming Lessons Published in UK


Swimming Lessons

Swimming Lessons, my second novel is published in the UK today in hardback, ebook (Fig Tree / Penguin) and audio (Audible). As you can imagine I’m a bit over-excited.

There have already been some lovely reviews, with The Sunday Times saying my stories are “thrilling, transporting, delicately realised and held together by a sophisticated sense of suspense.

Wendy at Little Bookness Lane, a UK book blogger is giving away a copy of Swimming Lessons. The competition is available worldwide, and closes at midnight (GMT) on Friday 27th January. Click here to see how to enter.

Or if you don’t trust your luck, Swimming Lessons is available to buy in most independent bookshops, in most branches of Waterstones, and online. The audio version is available from Audible.