Short story: Cut in Cursive

Dust motes danced in the early morning light that filtered through the closed shutters. With a table fork I carved the name ‘Ruben’ into the wooden dresser, low down, where it wouldn’t be noticed. It took a long time before I was finally happy with the cursive letters.

Later, at breakfast with my mother and Oskar, I watched the name out of the corner of my eye. It looked lonely and I thought that maybe tomorrow morning, when everyone was still asleep I would come downstairs again and carve my name beside his.


I often listen to a piece of music when I’m writing and this time it was Iron and Wine’s Muddy Hymnal. If you want to hear it, here’s a link:

I’m writing a novel and I use the 100 word (or so) prompt for Madison Woods’ #Fridayfictioneers as ideas for scenes. So this piece of writing was a combination of novel, picture and music.

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