What’s My Line?

claireAnyone remember What’s My Line? Or are you all too young? Today I was invited onto to the Nick Girdler radio show on BBC Radio Solent for a similar slot where he’s given a clue about his guest and has to guess what their news is. It took him about a minute to guess mine despite being given a very cryptic clue.

I’ve been nervous about it for days and didn’t tell anyone except my husband, and my Mum, and it seems I told her it was on at eleven, when it was on at ten. But, my lovely Mum, who is very excited about every bit of book news I have, luckily had been listening since about eight this morning. 200px-WML1

Click on the picture if you fancy a listen.

7 thoughts on “What’s My Line?

  1. I’m jealous – not of the book – ok, yes of the book, but mainly where did you get this husband who cooks, washes up etc.?
    I’m looking forward to reading your book when it comes out. I think I’ve said this before, but congrats 🙂


  2. Dear Claire,

    That was a fun to hear. I hope to be able to secure a copy next year. I’m excited for you and doing my best not be jealous. 😉 I hope you hit the best seller list, truly.




    • Thanks Rochelle. I’m sure you’ll be in the same position soon. You’re such a wonderful writer, and if your agent has fallen in love with your writing, a publisher will follow. Hang in there.


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