Spaghetti Wednesday


Nan plonked the bowls down on the table.

‘What is it?’ Flora asked.

Nan sighed like she did every Wednesday. ‘Spaghetti.’


‘Again.’ She watched Flora push strips of Kraft cheese single into the sauce. Flaccid worms curled through a brown swamp, swirling with radioactive orange. She hated cooking.

‘What’s this?’ Flora held up a blob pierced by a fork tine.

‘Nothing,’ said Nan. ‘Just eat it.’

‘I think it’s an insect.’

‘It’s not an insect.’

Later, scraping the left-overs into the bin, Nan pretended not to see the pairs of tiny pincers, hooked legs and cooked eyes staring up at her.


You can blame the picture this week on Doug MacIlroy and the choice of it on Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Click here to read more Friday Fictioneers stories, and here to join in.


This week, Our Endless Numbered Days has been picked as one of Isabel Costello’s thirteen Hot Fiction Picks 2015. If you visit her website you can enter a competition to win your choice of one the books listed. (UK postage only.)

52 thoughts on “Spaghetti Wednesday

  1. Dear Claire,

    The Kraft singles made me cringe even more than the bug. I’m certain there’s more nutrition in the latter. Your description of the spaghetti is delightfully disgusting. And your writing? Just plain delightful.

    I’ll heartily share the blame for the photo and offer no apologies. 😉




  2. Hay caramba! Nan must be an awful cook to ruin spaghetti. Of course, the kitchen infestation isn’t helping her at all. Thanks for sharing an appropriately cringe-worthy story with us this week, Claire.

    All my best,
    Marie Gail


  3. “Flaccid worms curled through a brown swamp, swirling with radioactive orange.”

    There’s so much here that needs explanation as to what nan put in, with this concoction …and I’m going to ask.

    Might as well call the story ‘Inedible.’


  4. Totally made me laugh this morning! I can’t get excited about spaghetti, either, and I sympathize with her “Yeah, whatever. Eat it anyway” attitude. (Four kids over here, and never a meal that pleases all!) Great piece!


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