Flash fiction: Adoption



After she handed Pavi over, Elsa found a job as a butterfly recorder on the South Downs. She camped amongst the bell heather and rose early in the morning to tramp a ten mile stretch of heathland. She counted pearl-bordered fritillaries, white admirals and skippers. But it was the rare silver-studded blue that Elsa worried for the most. When the caterpillars hatched, a species of ant carried them into the nest and fed them until the butterfly emerged.

She wondered about her own child, being fed, housed and cared for by another mother, and whether she would ever fly back home.


This is a Friday Fictioneers story. 100 (or so) writers writing 100-words (or so) inspired by the picture above (supplied this week by Madison Woods.) Join in or read some more stories.


As well as being inspired by the picture above, this story was also inspired by the re-introduction of the silver-studded blue butterfly on the South Downs (a 1,600km2 national park stretching from Winchester to Eastborne in the south of England). More about the butterfly here.

42 thoughts on “Flash fiction: Adoption

  1. I like the way you tied the story together, Claire. I was wondering if the ants used the butterflies for food or some other reason. That would give a sinister cast to the real life equivalent. In any case, great story.


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