ABA Book of the Year Award Finalist


I’m so delighted and flattered to announce that Our Endless Numbered Days is a finalist in the ABA (American Booksellers Association) 2016 Indies Choice Book Awards.

The finalists were chosen for each category by six ABA member booksellers, and Our Endless Numbered Days was selected with five others for the Book of the Year: Adult Debut category.

Independent bookstores are wonderful, magical places. Because each book will have been hand-selected you know all of them are jewels just waiting to be discovered. And if an independent bookseller presses a particular book into your hands, you know it will come recommended from the heart. If you have an independent bookstore in your town, use it, treasure it.

ABA member booksellers across America have until 6th April to vote for their favourite. Keep your fingers crossed for Our Endless Numbered Days. The winner will be announced on 13th April.

Here is the ABA announcement with all the categories and finalists.



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