Flash fiction: Life sentence


‘They’re similar to the Nazca Lines, m’lord,’ I said, flapping the photographs. ‘The ones in southern Peru? That you can only see from the air?’
‘That’s as may be,’ the judge said, ‘but this was criminal trespass and destruction of private property.’
‘For god’s sake, I didn’t draw them!’ I said. ‘You must listen.  They’re coming.’
‘And you must listen to me, Professor Shaw.’
‘They’re landing strips, instructions, directions…’
‘That’s enough.’ His gavel came down.

Now all is quiet outside my cell. I know they’ve arrived because everyone’s gone. And the keys with them.


This is a 100-word Friday Fictioneers flash fiction piece inspired by the photograph (this week from Kent Bonham. Click here to read others and join in.


This spring Our Endless Numbered Days was picked as a Richard & Judy book club book, along with seven others. For those in the USA this is the closest we in the UK come to Opra’s book club. Now that the season is over readers can vote for their favourite, and of course it would be lovely if you would like to vote for me. Click here.


79 thoughts on “Flash fiction: Life sentence

  1. I’m telling myself that when ‘they’ arrive at the prison they’ll recognise him as a super-being himself for having detected their plans. And he’ll be spared. Nicely done, Claire

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  2. Super flash fiction here! The tension is evident, the atmosphere feels strained and foreboding, and the content – premise is well done. Exciting read that is thoroughly satisfying. Amazing how the power of 100 words can transport a reader. Great job Claire 😀


  3. This was brilliant, Claire. Why is it “they” never listen?
    Congrats on your book being picked up for the book club (such a fabulous selection they have made… I absolutely loved it)!


  4. Great twist at the end! Having been absent from Friday Fictioneers for two months (gloriously spent in Bermuda) I’m back, reading, writing and enjoying! Good one here!


  5. The world’s about to end and they’re worried about a minor property infringement. Isn’t that just like reality? I hope we can produce more like the Professor. Great story, Claire, and congratulations on your book doing so well.


  6. I could feel the tension in their exchange. Those lines and circles are mystery, aren’t they? Great take, Claire. Congrats on the Richard & Judy book club nod. You have my vote!


  7. Perhaps the Professor will work out a way to escape,or perhaps ‘they’ will come for him, either way it’s a great take on the prompt.
    Happy to vote for your book, it is a very good read.


  8. He is in good company, me thinks. Many have been locked away for saying something important, something like the earth is round not flat.


  9. Ah, poor fellow (or woman)! If only people had enough sense and would listen!
    Now, the protagonist is sealed in forever, unless THEY arrive, and perform horrendous experiments on her/him – I can hear diminished chords and tritones, maybe a theremin!


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