Flash Fiction: The Lake


I never liked to think what lay under the water: probably more than pond weed and duck poop. I swam in the lake because I didn’t want Peter to think I was afraid, or worse, boring. He liked to jump in, but I never even put my head under.

I heard they sent the divers in, or dredged it, or something. But that was much later, of course, after my swimming days were over. And after Peter’s days were over too.

I never learned if they found anything. I didn’t read the papers; I knew what had happened. I’d been there.


Listen to me read my story: 


A Friday Fictioneers story. Hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Picture supplied by C.E.Ayr


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51 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: The Lake

  1. Love the darkness, the eerie pitch…perfect for Halloween!
    Can’t wait to read the new one, “Swimming Lessons”.
    “Our Endless Numbered Days” was an instant Staff Pick at the Merrick Library.

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  2. Feels like it could be the opening to a murder mystery, with us wondering all the way through – ‘did she do it? Did she kill him?’ .So well constructed and leaving us with a cracking mystery to ponder. Lovely stuff Claire 🙂

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  3. Nice story, Claire. I’m impressed with your reading, clever. If I could post a photo here, I would put one of me with my Tin House edition of ‘Days’, also impressive (the book, not my photo).


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