Signed Bookplates and Postcards for Book Clubs

Looking for a great book club book? Unsettled Ground postcards and signed bookplates.

Are you in a book club? Either one with friends or one associated with a book shop? If you are (and you’re in the UK), and you’re looking for a great book club read, you might want to consider Unsettled Ground. There are lots of controversial characters, themes and plot elements that result in a lively discussion – or so I’ve been told. And if you do decide to read Unsettled Ground in your book club, I’d be delighted to send you some signed bookplates and postcards. I’ll send them for free to a bookshop or if you’re in a book club with friends, for a donation (of whatever you can afford) to Read Easy Winchester.

Read Easy Winchester is a my local branch of Read Easy, a national charity which helps adults learn to read – very relevant to one of the themes in Unsettled Ground.

Just send me a message with information about your book club and I’ll get some in the post. And I can send you some book club questions to help get the discussion started!

Happy reading!

2 thoughts on “Signed Bookplates and Postcards for Book Clubs

  1. Dear Claire, I’m part of a book club that meets in person in either Switzerland or France, and on zoom for those who cannot be there in person. It’s a fascinating group of women aged between 45 and 85. We all have 2 things in common a love of reading and the Alps. Our group of about 15 always read and discuss in English although we born in many different countries and a many linguists amongst us. I have chosen “Unsettled Ground ” and would love to receive some postcards and bookplates and some questions to start off our discussion, which I am sure will be both lively and very interesting. I will be very happy to send a donation to Read Easy Winchester.


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