Fifth Novel, Body of Water to be Published Next Spring

Picture credit: Adrian Harvey

I’m absolutely delighted to let you know that my UK publisher Fig Tree, an imprint of Penguin will publish my fifth novel, Body of Water, in spring 2023.

The press release published in The Bookseller says:

Body of Water is described as “a taut and emotionally charged novel about freedom and captivity, survival and sacrifice and whether you can save anyone before you save yourself”. It follows Neffy, a young woman running away from grief and from the one big mistake that cost her her career. When she answers the call to volunteer in a vaccine trial, it offers a way for her to pay off her many debts and, perhaps, to begin to make peace with the past. But when the world outside her hospital window is utterly transformed, Neffy finds herself abandoned – along with the remaining four other volunteers – in a future they never believed could actually unfold.  

While inside, she’s introduced to a pioneering and controversial technology that allows her to revisit memories from her life before. Seduced by the possibility of being reunited virtually with her loved ones, perhaps the only way she will ever be able to see them again, her drive to leave the unit begins to falter.

Garnons-Williams said: “A new novel from the enormously talented Claire Fuller is always a cause for celebration, and we are thrilled to be publishing Body of Water at Fig Tree. A dazzling testament to her skill, subtlety and originality as a writer, it combines a gripping, speculative fiction plot with a beautifully written and affecting story of memory, love, survival… and octopuses.” 

I’m currently working on final edits, so watch this space for more news soon.


I still have events for Unsettled Ground coming up including in Winchester, and Hay, Beaminster, and St Albans. Visit my events page for more information.

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