Flash Fiction: Third Person


In books there’s always the drunk one. And the hesitant one. And the sober, sensible one – the person warning about the lake’s depth, the submerged dangers and the weeds to get tangled in. I should have been that person when we went down to the water in the dark, but instead we three were all the first kind. Giggling, we pulled off our clothes, plunged in, screaming at the cold.

A full five minutes of laughing and splashing went by before we missed him.

‘Peter!’ We tread water. ‘Stop messing around!’

In the blink of an eye we became the third person.


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Short story: Private view

janet-webbs-sangriaThe room was noisy with chatter and braying laughs. Margaret squeezed between clusters of people, smiling, raising her glass above her head; her breasts towards the men, and backside to the women.  The paintings were too abstract for her liking, but she wasn’t wearing her glasses and she was on her third sangria.

She stopped in front a small oil. The title, ‘Woman with yellow hair’ swam alarmingly when she leaned forward. She lifted the painting off the wall, peered closer and without looking around slipped it into her handbag.

At the door Margaret felt a hand on her arm.


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