Flash fiction: Mirror Image


Flora heard Rex whispering in the bathroom.

‘Dad?’ She knocked on the door. ‘Are you okay?’

‘It’s just your mother,’ her father called.

‘Dad?’ She rattled the handle. ‘Unlock the door, please.’ The bolt was drawn back. Rex, in his dressing gown, led her into the chilly room.

The shower curtain had been pulled across. ‘Look,’ he said, his hand on the edge of the plastic. Flora’s heart leapt. Her father drew back the curtain, revealing an empty bath, cooling water, and on the wall, the large mirror. ‘Do you see her?’ he said.

Flora saw only herself and an old man.


This is a 102-word piece of flash fiction based on the picture prompt above, this week provided by Janet Webb. It’s part of the Friday Fictioneers group run by Rochelle Wisoff-Field. Rochelle dedicates a great deal of her time each week to uploading, visiting and commenting on all our pieces of writing. To join in with your own story, visit Rochelle’s website here, or to read some of the other stories based on this prompt click here.

57 thoughts on “Flash fiction: Mirror Image

  1. Claire, this story is sadly creepy OR maybe it’s very creepy. We don’t know and you let us decide. Is he just losing it or is something paranormal going on? My feeling was that her Dad is either having mental problems or so lost that he thinks he sees his dead wife. Either way, there’s so much pain in your little story



  2. Interesting, that Rex is losing maybe is mind or feeling the loss of his wife, and then connecting to his daughter with his wife’s image. I hope I got that right. I think he’s searching for hope. Really well done, Claire.


  3. A sad one but great read. The mind games to reduce the pain. And, then the pain of the child having lost one and fear of losing another. Very well written!


  4. Claire, Very sad. I went through seeing my mother mentally fade away with Alzheimer’s. At that point, they become the child and you become the parent. They are totally dependent on you. You made it real with this story. Well written as always. —Susan


  5. Beautifully written. I found my heartbeats speed up when her father was about to tug aside the shower curtain…….not knowing what was coming next. The poignancy of the story blew me away.
    Just awesome.


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