Flash Fiction: All Gone


Jimmy and I ran under the rhododendrons, pressed our foreheads into the earth and jammed our hands over our ears until the noise stopped. When I sat up my head was ringing and I saw blood trickle from Jimmy’s ear and soak into his collar. We crawled out into the garden and for a moment I thought nothing had changed.

But we were alone. The picnickers, the tourists, our parents: all gone.

Weeks later we remembered the camera, the photos taken that day. And that’s when we saw it: a beam of light and high above a huge shape, hovering.


This is a Friday Fictioneers 100-word (exactly this week) story inspired by the picture supplied by Melanie Greenwood. Friday Fictioneers is organised and run by the wonderful Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Click here to join in, and here to read other pieces. I’d love to know what you think of mine – please leave a comment!


This week I’ve had a post (‘First Catch Yourself A Squirrel‘) published on the Tin House blog about some of the research I did for my novel, Our Endless Numbered Days.

68 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: All Gone

  1. Dear Claire,
    I wondered how many folks would focus on that ray of light. I like your take on this. At first, I was thinking of the Blitz. At the end, I realized this could certainly be a Blitz of a new sort. Well written.

    All my best,
    Marie Gail


  2. I must admit I had to read this twice. I thought at first it was some terrible massacre or gunfire or something; I was also trying to work out what happened to Jimmy and if he’s OK. I suppose in a sense, maybe it was a massacre, but of a very different kind.

    Congrats on the publication credit; it makes me want to get round to submitting again. One day…


  3. I’m a fan of good sci-fi and this definitely falls into that category. You left me wanting to read more of the story. Congratulations on your post being published on the Tin House blog!


  4. An exciting and well written piece of Sci-fi, Claire.That only the two of them were left is an intriguing thought, one that could well form the beginning of a much longer piece. I love the way the two were under the rhododendrons – presumably what saved the from being snatched / annihilated by some sort of aliens.You used that beam of light well for that. 🙂


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