Flash fiction: Afternoon breeze


In the afternoons a warm wind blew in with the storks as they rose up from the banks of the river and flew inland. On the porch, rocking back and forth, she liked to turn her face towards the current of air and inhale memories:  cardamom from her mother’s kitchen, line-dried linen on her first lover’s bed, the warm straw of her babies’ heads as she laid them down to sleep.

She closed her eyes and the shadows of the storks passed over her face and she was still, the only movement, the chair rocking in the afternoon breeze.


This is a Friday Fictioneers 100-word (exactly again this week!) story inspired by the picture supplied by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Friday Fictioneers is organised and run by the wonderful Rochelle. Click here to join in, and here to read other pieces. I’d love to know what you think of mine – please leave a comment!


It’s just two weeks until my novel, Our Endless Numbered Days, is published in the UK by Fig Tree Penguin. And until early tomorrow morning (12th February) Goodreads have five copies to giveaway to UK residents. Click here to enter. Canadians have until 14th February to enter to win (click here). Sorry if you live somewhere else!

61 thoughts on “Flash fiction: Afternoon breeze

  1. You captured the serenity of the image perfectly, as well as those strong sense memories. Wonderful. I can’t wait to read your book. I just found it on Amazon — Is there a different cover for North America vs UK?


  2. This is truly superb – a lifetime in a few lines, ending with stillness and the lightest of aftershocks in the rocking chair movement. I am particularly envious as I attempted a (much longer) short story, years ago, with a similar theme, though semi-comic and with a totally different setting. I will maybe revisit, rework and declutter.


  3. Lovely story, Claire. I’m thinking this was historic fiction. It does look like an old-fashioned house. I loved your reply to Paul. That was hilarious. This is the peaceful type of death so many hope for when their time comes. Well done as always. What an exciting time for you with your book being on sale soon. 🙂 — Suzanne


  4. An interlude? Or more? I will never know. I will have both. This almost reads like an extended haiku. Perhaps it’s the storks. Or their shadows, more precisely. Anyway, I love the imagery. I’m surprised you found the time to write this, with your book coming out imminently. 🙂


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