Listen to Juliet Stevenson Read ‘A Quiet Tidy Man’


Recently I was delighted to announce that my short story, A Quiet Tidy Man, was the winner of the Royal Academy & Pin Drop Short Story Award 2016. It was read in front of an audience by the actress, Juliet Stevenson, and that recording is now available to listen to here.*

The award ceremony was held on the evening of the UK Brexit announcement, and because we’re all rather in shock at the result, a few references are made to this. The evening was introduced by the three judges of the award: Tim Marlow (Artistic Director at the Royal Academy), and Simon Oldfield and Elizabeth Day, co-founders of Pin Drop. The winner was then announced by Juliet (starting at 6 minutes, 30 seconds).JS1

After the story had been read, I was interviewed by Tim and Simon, and the audience was invited to ask questions. Since I had no idea that my story would win, this was rather sprung on me, and although Tim and Simon were very kind, apologies if some of my answers are rather garbled! (The interview starts at 36 minutes.)

Click here to read more about the evening.

I’d love to know what you think, so do leave a comment below.

*If you are deaf or hard-of-hearing, please contact me, and I will be happy to email you the written story.

9 thoughts on “Listen to Juliet Stevenson Read ‘A Quiet Tidy Man’

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  2. Just spent a rather lovely serene hour (very rare in this house, especially during school hols) listening to the event – your story & interview. Love the dark element! It is a superb short story and despite the interview being sprung on you, your answers were thoughtful and so insightful… HUGE congratulations Claire! Very well deserved!


  3. I just finished listening to your story read and the question and answer segment that followed. The story was excellent and the reading was the same. Juliet did justice to your words, changing her voice and delivery as the characters changed. I can see why she’s successful in her field as you are in yours. I enjoyed every bit of it. The question and answer segment also went well . It was impossible to tell you were completely unprepared. You gave complete and thoughtful answers that satisfied everyone. Congratulations once again, Claire. I’m sure you’ll earn many more awards in future. 🙂 — Suzanne

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