Flash Fiction: Self Storage


Christopher punched in the code and the door clicked open.

‘This is boring already,’ Jack said.

‘Yeah,’ Miranda said. ‘We should go back to the park.’

‘My Dad has a sofa in his lock-up. It’ll be great.’ Christopher knew he sounded too keen.

‘It’ll be great,’ Jack repeated in a high voice. Miranda laughed.

‘There’s all sorts of stuff we could nick.’

They trailed along behind, Jack dragging his lighter along the corrugated walls and Miranda hanging off his neck.

‘Number 229.’ Christopher unlocked it and rolled the shutter up.

They stared into the unit, mouths open, silent, until Miranda screamed.


This is Friday Fictioneers flash fiction. Picture supplied by Amy Reese. Join in, or read others. I’d love to know what you think of mine.


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67 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: Self Storage

  1. Great sense about these relationships for such a short passage. I loved the part where Jack repeated the words back. And a nice mystery hook at the end. What could it be? I’m guessing something bloody and awful, probably a dead body. But whose? Stay tuned for the next episode, I hope?

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  2. Delightfully creepy at the end there. I found it hard to work out the ages of the players to begin with – at first I thought it was Dad dragging bored kids away from the park – and then later to figure out what they were doing there – a sofa for what? The ages could perhaps be clearer if the lighter and “hanging off his neck” line came earlier – just a suggestion.

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