Swimming Lessons video


Thanks to Hannah Hartmann for this picture.

It’s one week until Swimming Lessons is published in the UK as a hardback and as an audio book. (Readers in Canada, the US, and Germany will have to wait a little longer).

To mark the occasion I’ve produced a drawing video of a scene from the book. I did the drawing, my daughter the filming and editing, and my son wrote and played the music. I’d love to know what you think.


Click here to see the drawing video released for Our Endless Numbered Days.

Swimming Lessons

My second novel, Swimming Lessons, will be published in January 2017 in the UK, and Canada, as well as an audio book, and February 2017 in the USA. Click on the country links to pre-order.


14 thoughts on “Swimming Lessons video

  1. I think your collaborative work with your son and daughter shows that you are a very talented family. I love the haunting music. Your talent for drawing is evident as well. I felt the blackening, maybe from exhaust, maybe from a dark cloud that was foretelling of danger, was a little too over-powering. Is that adorable VW going into the drink? Will it float with the fish?

    It was fascinating to watch and lovely to listen to. I was disappointed not to be able to view the finished picture longer–maybe 10 seconds before the frame changes.

    It is a wonderful trailer to spark my curiosity. I’m looking forward to Swimming Lessons being available in the U.S. Loved Endless Days.

    Belinda Riehl *Author of “Speak in Ink,” a poem published in online magazine Medium.com. *

    *https://medium.com/indian-thoughts/speak-in-ink-29152214a785#.e1e6i9q4j .Author of “Deliberate Defiance,” a short story included in Untold Stories–from the Deep Part of the Well, Redwood Writers 2016 Anthology.Winner of the 2015 Pullet Surprise (find me on **Facebook * *for more info).* *Please visit my blog:* https://belindariehl.wordpress.com/* to read Occasional Musings by this writer.* *Also on **LINKEDIN.*

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  2. That was a lovely and intriguing video. Your fine drawing was fascinating to watch unfold and the music atmospheric. I look forward to finding the book in Oregon at some point but I believe we already have your first novel here….saw it in Powell’s, I think. I will have to look for it again!.

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