Swimming Lessons video


Thanks to Hannah Hartmann for this picture.

It’s one week until Swimming Lessons is published in the UK as a hardback and as an audio book. (Readers in Canada, the US, and Germany will have to wait a little longer).

To mark the occasion I’ve produced a drawing video of a scene from the book. I did the drawing, my daughter the filming and editing, and my son wrote and played the music. I’d love to know what you think.


Click here to see the drawing video released for Our Endless Numbered Days.

Swimming Lessons

My second novel, Swimming Lessons, will be published in January 2017 in the UK, and Canada, as well as an audio book, and February 2017 in the USA. Click on the country links to pre-order.


Our Endless Numbered Days Video

The UK paperback edition of Our Endless Numbered Days comes out onOur Endless Numbered Days 31st December, and things are already gearing up for its release.

Firstly, if anyone is thinking about buying a copy of the book for someone as a Christmas present, if you send me their name and your address, I’ll put a personalised card in the post for you to put in the book.

And secondly I’ve been working with my daughter to produce a short video. I did the drawing, she did the videoing and editing, and Penguin people worked on the final bits. If you like it, it would be lovely if you could share it.


Short story: The edge of the world

When dawn broke, it was with a slow lightening of the sky; there was no sun. I had crossed the river in darkness, and carried on running until my clothes dried. My father’s words echoed as I climbed:

“All you can see Peggy, is all there is. Beyond our hill is nothing – a void, an abyss – the edge of the world.”

I scrambled to the top of the ridge, my heart thumping, not just from the exertion. He had lied.  I saw a valley, morning mist, another hill, and beyond that, another. What I saw was beautiful.


This piece of writing was for the 100 word (or so) prompt for Madison Woods’ #Fridayfictioneers. I’d be very happy to receive comments and constructive criticism. Click here to read other people’s.