Flash Fiction: Graft

FF Tree

Her mother told Mary she wasn’t hers just before she died. Blurted out the words like some sort of confession. Learning it though, suddenly made her whole life – all those sixty-five years – make sense.

Her grandson posted information on a few adoption search websites, but she knew it was hopeless, searching for birth parents who would be in their nineties, if they were even alive.

A few months later she received a newspaper cutting through the post. Anonymous, no note. Creased and faded as though kept for years: Police Still Searching for Child Abducted from Playground.


This is a Friday Fictioneers story. Write a 100-word story inspired by the picture above (this week supplied by Sandra Crook) and share. Click here to read more or join in.


It’s been a few months since I’ve written a Friday Fictioneer story, but I have been writing. My third book, Bitter Orange, will be published in early 2019. Click here to read more.

54 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: Graft

  1. That raises an interesting consideration. What is the point of being told the truth when it’s probably too late for the victim to do anything about it. How cruel is that? To take away what someone thought was reality, with nothing to replace it. Good one.

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  2. How could she ruin her faith and love after being her mother for more than 6 decades? She didnt want to die with the burden of guilt, perhaps.
    And, of course un- love could only make kidnapping possible in the first place.
    A sad story, beautifully written.

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