Flash Fiction: Ära ava


Sometimes he took a box home, a perk of the job. Bottled water when the supply went bad, live crabs for Feliks his Estonian friend, ice-cream for his nephews.

Ära ava*, was printed on the box’s side. An exotic fruit he thought; too heavy for herbal tea. When Feliks came around with the Friday night vodka and blood sausage, he put the box under the table.

In the morning he remembered the fruit: oranges, maybe, to cure a hangover. The box was open and empty on the kitchen table, Feliks’s glasses smashed upon the floor.

(*Estonian for Do Not Open)


This is a 100-word (exactly) flash fiction story, inspired by the picture above, provided by Fatima Fakier Deria. Click here to join in and here to read other writers’ stories.


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44 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: Ära ava

  1. Well done, Clare and you’ve left us all in suspense about what was in the box. I also really appreciated how you created this character bringing things home from work, which was so true to life and have that joie de vivre and generosity of spirit to share his bounty with his friends. Such a lovely character.
    Best wishes,

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  2. I must confess that the hinted-at relationship between the two men intrigued me even more than the contents of the box. They seem to have a cosy domestic life, with blood sausage and vodka every Friday night.
    I hope Feliks isn’t hurt too seriously, although (this being Friday Fictioneers!) I fear the worst.

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