Bitter Orange is Published in the UK



My third novel, Bitter Orange was published in the UK last week. It was a crazy and exciting week, with a launch in London at Waterstones Covent Garden (they have lots of signed copies), and another in my home town of Winchester. I also went on a walk around London signing copies in other bookshops including Daunts, Heywood Hill, and Hatchards. It was hot! DSCF9056

The book has been getting great reviews:

“Fuller is an accomplished and serious writer who has the ability to implant interesting psychological dimensions into plotty, pacy narratives.” The Observer

“It is rare for me to put down a novel and then immediately consider rereading it to see what cleverness I might have missed. This time, though, I am tempted.” The Sunday Times

“Fuller is a master at summoning the atmosphere of a heady, hot summer, that thrums with tension.” Stylist Magazine

HatchardsRead more reviews here.

Bitter Orange has been longlisted for The Guardian’s Not The Booker Prize. Which books are shortlisted depends on a public vote. If you’d like to vote for Bitter Orange, you can do that here. (And thank you!). Voting can be from anyone anywhere in the world, and closes at midnight on 6th August (UK time).

If you’d like to buy a copy of Bitter Orange it’s available in most UK bookshops now, or online as an audio, e-book, and hardback. Click here to see options.


8 thoughts on “Bitter Orange is Published in the UK

  1. Hi Claire i have never felt the need to leave comments after reading books as I always let my book worm friends & family know what i have enjoyed. I read bitter orange last week could not put it down was late for work one morning & stayed up late over the bank holiday as I just had to know what happened to everyone! Then felt I had not had enough of your fantastic discriptive text that I had been emersed in so this weekend I have read swimming lessons. What an amazing talent you have Claire. Looking forward to reading another. Regards Jane pursey


    • Hello Jane, Thank you so much. I’m delighted that you enjoyed Bitter Orange, and now Swimming Lessons. This is exactly what every author likes to hear. I hope you also enjoy Our Endless Numbered Days if you get to it – quite different from the other two, I think. Best wishes, Claire


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