Articles and Interviews

Unsettled Ground was published in the US just over a week ago, and I’m about halfway through my US online book tour. If you’re interested in joining me in Vermont, Illinois, Washington, or Michigan, all from the comfort of your own home, click here to see the rest of my dates.

Aside from these events, I have been busy being interviewed, responding to questions and writing original essays. Here are links to some recent ones:

Original Essays

Vox: The Best £85 I ever spent: A cat who doesn’t like me

Crime Reads: Six suspenseful novels

Lithub: Outsiders, eccentrics, and misfits – a reading list

Time: How my ex-husband became one of my best friends

Poets & Writers: Claire Fuller shares what has inspired her in her writing

Podcast / Radio Interviews

New Books Network: In this engaging conversation, Claire tells Duncan McCargo why all her books are rather dark, why she is not romantic about rural life, why Unsettled Ground doesn’t exactly have a happy ending, and why the novel contains a hidden social message.

Across the Pond: Lori Feathers and Sam Jordison discuss Sam’s boxes and boxes of books, fact checkers, Goodreads fatigue, and most importantly–Lori and Sam’s most interesting discussion with writer Claire Fuller about her new novel, Unsettled Ground.

Little Atoms: Claire Fuller talks to Neil Denny about her 2021 Women’s Prize shortlisted fourth novel Unsettled Ground.

BBC Radio 4 Open Book: Johny Pitts discusses working-class rural life with Claire Fuller whose novel, Unsettled Ground, is longlisted for the Women’s Prize.

Written Q&As

Full Stop: I [Megan Kakimoto] had the pleasure of interviewing Fuller over email to discuss her interests in music, ownership, and how she created the truly remarkable Seeder twins.

Shelf Awareness: The Writer’s Life, interviewed by Alice Martin.

Curtis Brown Creative: In an intimate and insightful [webinar], our students heard about Claire’s journey to publication, and picked up some useful tips and tricks on writing and editing. Here are some of the highlights.

Powell’s Bookstore: A Q&A including Claire’s favourite book as a child and one she’d recommend to read right now.

Bookstore Events Recordings

Powell’s Books: In conversation with the author, Ron Rash.

Exile in Bookville: In conversation with the author, Kate Racculia.

Napa Bookmine: In conversation with the author, Faith Merino.

PRINT A bookstore: In conversation with the author, Lucy Atkins.

Interabang: In conversation with the author, Daniel Magariel.


Unsettled Ground is available to buy as a hardback (UK and US), ebook or audio book. Click here to buy in the UK. Click here to buy in the US. Click here to buy in Canada.

2 thoughts on “Articles and Interviews

  1. I really enjoyed your 1st novel, Our Endless Numbered Days. What an imagination you have! The ending was a real kicker. I plan to find other books you’ve written. Keep up the good work.

    Liked by 1 person

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