Flash Fiction: Minky


They make quite a collection when they’re together on the mantelpiece. I dust them every day, very carefully; I don’t want any more accidents. One little nudge, and whoops, china and ash all over the carpet. It’s the devil to vacuum out. Happened to my brother Alastair just the other day. But I never could stand him. Sometimes I like to rearrange them: Dad beside Jeremy – couldn’t abide each other in life, or Agnes next to Peggy. I wonder who will tire first of that incessant chatter? But little Minky, my darling pussy cat, she’s always at the front. 


This is a 100-word flash fiction story inspired by the picture above (this week provided by Sally Ann Hall. Friday Fictioneers is hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Writers around the world write their own 100-word stories in response to a picture. Click here to join in, or here to read some others.


This week I was lucky enough to have my website featured on the WordPress Discover site, which brought a lot of visitors to my previous Friday Fictioneers story, and hopefully a few more to Rochelle and other Friday Fictioneers writers.

61 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: Minky

  1. Is she very old to have outlived everyone or did she play an active part in it?

    Ceayr mentioned Inspector Clouseau, but my first thought was of a Monty Python interview where they “accidentally” overturned the urn with Graham Chapman’s ashes….

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  2. I like the tone of mischief, how she puts people next to each other who loathed each other in life – she’s quite the stirrer! Very dark, but in a good way! Congats on being featured on Discover – nice to be appreciated by WP and to increase your followers 🙂

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